Android Apps for Phuket

Using Android Devices in Phuket

Android users who are planning a trip to Phuket will be able to download useful apps to their smart phones or tablets. Some of the best Phuket related software applications currently available (as of mid-2012) include the following…

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91.5 FM Phuket Island Radio

The nice thing about the 91.5 Phuket Island Radio is that this is something that people might like to use on their trip to the island and when they return home. As well as playing all the favorite music of Phuket holidaymakers this radio station also has regular news and weather bulletins for the island– it also provides international news bulletins from the BBC. There is a nice feature that makes it possible to request songs directly from the app, and this ensures that 91.5 FM plays an eclectic mix of tunes. It is also possible to listen to the radio using high or low bandwidth. When people are back in their home countries they might also like to use this app to stir up holiday memories and motivate them for their next trip. The 91.5 FM Phuket Island Radio app is free and highly recommended.

Phuket Tourist Map

The Phuket Tourist Map is another free app that might be worth having on your smart phone or tablet. Before downloading it is important to realize that this is just a basic map of the island – it will not provide the same level of detail as Google maps. The main benefit of having it on your Android device is that you do not need an internet connection and it’s something for nothing.

Thai Talking Food Menu

If visitors to Phuket wish to try some authentic local food they should try the small simple restaurants that are popular with the Thais. One potential difficulty that tourists have when they try to do this is that the menus tend to be written in Thai script, and the restaurant owners often don’t speak much English. This is where the Thai Talking Food Menu app might come in useful. It not only provides the most popular dishes written in English and Thai, but there are also pronunciation tips as well as audio and pictures. There is also a handy dictionary of useful words that people might need during their visit to a Thai restaurant. If people want to just try this app out first they can download a lite version – the full version costs $1.99.

Get About Phuket Lite

The aim of the Get About Phuket Lite app is that it takes all the information that tourists are likely to need and puts it in one place. The lite version of this app is free but there is also an upgrade ($0.99) that provided addiction functionality. Get About Phuket provides:

  • Phuket travel videos uploaded from YouTube
  • Restaurant information
  • Hotel information
  • Where to go in Phuket
  • What to see in Phuket
  • Popular tourist attractions and tours
  • Shopping in Phuket
  • Information about local festivals
  • Blogs posts provided by other travelers to Phuket
  • Latest Phuket news via a Twitter stream in the app

Thai Visa Connect

The Thai Visa Connect provides easy access to the largest online community of local expats and regular visitors with over 140,000 members. This forum is a good way to find out about things to do and how to do things in Thailand. There is a section on the forum devoted specifically to Phuket. This app also allows people to check out the Thai Visa classifieds section. It is possible to visit Thai Visa just using a normal web browser on an Android device, but this app creates a much smoother experience. It is also free to download.

Thailand Travel Guide

The Thailand Travel Guide is worth mentioning because it has received so many positive reviews. It covers the whole of Thailand and has a decent subsection devoted to Phuket. It makes use of content from Wikipedia, Wiki travel, open street maps, and more. This app is free to download so there is no harm in checking it out.

Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand is a free app that has been created by the Thai Tourism Authority. In the past the TAT apps were accused of being a bit underwhelming, but they have really put a good deal of effort into getting this one right. It is currently (mid 2012) the best app for impartial information about Phuket and Thailand as a whole. Some of the features of Amazing Thailand include:

  • Destination guide for Phuket and 89 other tourist areas
  • Where to go
  • Where to stay
  • What to do
  • How to get around
  • Shopping
  • GPS and Google maps allow android users to see what attractions are nearby
  • Information about festivals and special events
  • In depth information about Thailand including; history, geography, language, and climate.

Tiger Muay Thai

Phuket has become the number one destination in Thailand for those who wish to learn Muay Thai. One of the most popular camps on the island is Tiger Muay Thai near Chalong Bay. They have created an android app to promote their activities and provide useful information about this fighting art as well as MMA. The Tiger Muay Thai App has an impressive collection of videos and pictures, and it also keeps people up to date with the latest news from the camp. It is free to download.

Talking Thai English Dictionary

The Talking Thai English Dictionary is probably best resource for Thai learners available for an Android device. It is created by Paiboon Publishing who also produced the Thai for Beginners series. This app is expensive at $25, but it is worth having if people want to really get to grips with this language. It contains 150,000 words with crisp audio sound. If people only want to learn a few Thai phrases to use on their trip they will not need this app, but it is a definite recommended purchase for the serious Thai learner.

TV Thailand

TV Thailand brings on demand Thai TV to all android devices. All the most popular TV shows, news programs, and sitcoms are on here in the form of videos. This is another free app but an internet connection will be needed in order to use it.

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