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It is Always Possible to Have a Great Time in Phuket

There are many regular visitors who would argue that Phuket is a great place to visit at any time of the year. There is a great deal of truth in this claim but there can be good reasons to recommend certain times of the year depending on what people are hoping to experience during their trip. For instance, if people want the best deals they would be better off coming to the island during the low seasons.

Tourist Seasons in Phuket

There are two tourist seasons in Phuket:

  • High season in Phuket begins in October and ends in mid-April – the peak of the high seasons is from November to February. These months are the coldest in many of the countries where foreign visitors are coming from so Phuket offers a welcome break from winter.
  • The low seasons covers the hot season and rainy season in Thailand.

Good Reasons to Visit Phuket in the High Season

There are some good reasons for why people may find that the high season is the best time of year to visit Phuket including:

  • Those who enjoy nightlife will find that things are in full-swing during the high seasons.
  • There is arguably more going on in Phuket at this time of year.
  • Tourists will avoid the highest temperatures and worst of the rain.
  • Those people who struggle with the dark winter days in their home countries will find that Phuket offers a welcome break from this.
  • There are fewer worries that adverse weather conditions will interfere with travel and activities.
  • Some people actually enjoy the fact that Phuket is busier.

Good Reasons to Visit Phuket in the Low Season

There are some good reasons to visit Phuket during the low seasons including:

  • Those people who dislike crowds are likely to find Phuket more enjoyable during the low season.
  • The cheapest deals on accommodation can be found during the low seasons. There are also plenty of other bargains to be found at this time of year.
  • Songkran takes place near the start of the low season.
  • During most days of the rainy season it will only rain for an hour or so. The rest of the time it will mostly be sunny and when the rain does come it can actually be quite refreshing.
  • People will often say that there is a far more laid back atmosphere on the island during the low season.
  • It is usually possible to get cheaper flights at this time of year to Thailand.

Phuket Festivals

Visiting Thailand for one of the festivals will appeal to many visitors. The most popular festivals in Phuket include:

  • There are many Thais on the island who are of Chinese descent so there are plenty of activities to mark the Chinese New Year each January– not that you have to be Chinese to celebrate this.
  • The Old Phuket Town Festival is a celebration of local history. This is a fun festival with plenty of activities, and it is also a great way to celebrate the uniqueness of this Thai town.
  • The Wat Chalong Fair is the largest temple fair on Phuket, and it offers a great opportunity to spend a bit of time mingling with the locals. This fair usually takes place in mid February.
  • Phuket International Blues Rock Festival attracts some of the best musicians from around the world. This will be taken place in February this year.
  • The Songkran Festival celebrates the Thai New Year and it the time of year when everyone just tries to have plenty of fun. The most well known aspect of the Songkran festival is the water fights – these are welcome because this also tends to be the hottest time of year.
  • Runners might like to visit Phuket in June for the Laguna Phuket International Marathon.
  • The Phuket Vegetarian Festival takes place in September. This is not only a celebration of vegetarian food, but it has also become one of the most colorful celebrations on the island with plenty of events.
  • Loy Kratong is considered to be one of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand. It is a celebration of water and once it becomes dark the rivers and seashore becomes home to floating lights created by those who are celebrating the festival.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Time to Visit Phuket

There are a few other things worth considering when choosing the best time to visit Phuket including:

  • If people have come to Thailand with the hope of enjoying some sea fishing they may want to avoid July to October. This is when the seas are at their roughest and so spending time on a boat can become uncomfortable.
  • Those who have come to Phuket in the hope of doing a bit of surfing will find that the rainy season is the best time for this. The water tends to be too calm the rest of the year.
  • Anyone who plans on travelling to nearby islands needs to be aware that this might not be possible during the rainy season.
  • Even during the low season it can get busy at times – especially at weekends and on public holidays when many Thais take the opportunity to visit Phuket.
  • No matter what the time of year is when people are visiting Thailand they will need to be careful of the sun. Even on a cloudy day it is still possible to get severely sun burnt.
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