Bookstores and Libraries in Phuket

Joy of Reading in Phuket

One of the great joys for many visitors to Phuket is relaxing on the beach, or in a hammock, with a good book. This is the type of laid back existence that so many stressed individuals will dream about for most of the year. Most people tend to read far more during a holiday than they would normally do at home. This often means that the couple of books they picked up at the airport will be finished within the first few days of the holiday. They will then be faced by the book lover’s nightmare of not having anything to read. Luckily there are plenty of options in Phuket when it comes to bookstores and libraries.

Libraries in Phuket

The main public library on the island of Phuket is to be found in Phuket Town on Phuket Road near Talat Yai (telephone 07 621 2465). There is a reasonable collection of books in English but this is probably not a good choice for anyone looking for the latest bestsellers.

As well as the public library in Phuket Town there are also hundreds of unofficial lending libraries in many hotels and guest houses. These usually involve collections of books that have been left behind by previous visitors. Those who are guests of these accommodations are usually allowed to borrow whatever books they want during their stay. These collections can be quite impressive with great variety and the latest publications.

Bookstores in Phuket

There is a good selection of bookstores in Phuket selling both new and second hand books. Most of these stores can be found in either Phuket town or in Patong. The best options for new books include:

  • [Asia Books] has stores throughout Thailand and specializes in English books. They now have a store in the Jungceylon Department Store in Patong.
  • Bookazine also specializes in English books and they have stores in Phuket International Airport in both the domestic and international departure area. Bookazine is a subsidiary of Asia Books.
  • B2S sells mostly Thai books but it also has a relatively good selection of English titles. There are branches to be found in Jungceylon department store and Central Festival department store in Phuket Town.

If you are looking for used books in Phuket then you also have a few options including:

  • Thailand Used Books can be found near Soi Phuket Zoo on Chaofa Road. This shop usually offers an impressive collection of used books in English.
  • Thung Auksorn Book Store is also in Phuket Town on is located on Thungka Road. It only has a relatively small collection of English books, but it possible to pick up some real gems here – especially if people enjoy alternative lifestyle books.
  • South Wind Books is located on Phang Nga Road in Phuket Town. This bookshop usually offers a good selection of secondhand books in English – this is also probably the best place to go if people are looking to sell their books.

Ordering Books Online for Delivery in Phuket

Those people who intend to stay in Phuket for longer than a few weeks can also choose online ordering of books. The big names like Amazon do deliver to Phuket but only for some items. Those people who do want to order books online may be better advised to order from one of the local supplies. Asia Books offers a decent online ordering service. They can usually deliver to anywhere in Thailand within 3- 5 days. There can occasionally be problems with postal deliveries in Thailand but generally speaking it is fairly reliable. Kinokuniya also delivers books in Thailand.

eBooks in Thailand

Those people who own an eBook reader need have no worries about finding reading material during their trip. So long as they remember to keep the device charged there will be no problems. The great thing about an eBook reader is it means that people can bring a whole library of material with them. It is also straightforward and easy to download new books even when abroad on holiday – the individual just needs an internet connection and their account. Those who are interested in Thai-related subjects can also try out the eBook options at Asia Books.

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