Cable Skiing in Phuket

The Most Fun You Can Have with a Cable

Cable skiing is similar to water skiing/ wake boarding but instead of being pulled along by a speedboat it involves being pulled by a cable. The arrangement of the cables is such that it does feel similar to being pulled by a boat – the speed available can be anything up to 38 miles per hour. The cables are usually held up by a series of towers that run around a lake. Those using the cables are usually pulled counterclockwise. Experienced water skiers will be able to do all the tricks that they would normally perform while out with a speed boat. It is even possible to do stunts using the cables that would not be possible with regular wake boarding.


Cable Skiing vs. Water Skiing

Cable skiing can be a better choice than regular wake boarding/ water skiing because:

  • It usually works out cheaper than water skiing. There is no need to hire a speed boat.
  • These cables are more environmentally friendly than going in a speed boat.
  • It is possible to ski for a lot longer during an outing with this option then it would be with a boat.
  • It tends to be a lot safer than going off with a speed boat into the sea.
  • It is a great introduction to the world of wake boarding.
  • This is a relatively safe activity that is suitable for people of all ages.

Cable Skiing in Thailand

Cable skiing is already quite popular in European countries such as Germany, but it is starting to become better known in other parts of the world – some say that it is the fastest growing extreme sport. There are currently about 140 cable parts to be found around the globe. Thailand is just one of the countries where interest in this water sport is on the increase. There are currently four places in Thailand where it is possible to go enjoy this activity including:

  • Phuket Cable Ski
  • Lake Point in Ratchaburi
  • Thai Wake Park Bangkok
  • Pattaya Lakeland Water Cable Ski

Cable Skiing in Phuket

Phuket is famous around the world as being a great destination for anyone with an interest in water sports. It is not surprising then that it should be one of the first places in Thailand to offer cable skiing. Phuket Cable Ski has been open for business since 1997. It is located at Kathu waterfall. The lake here has been especially created for those who like to cable ski. There are some good facilities here including a seating area, changing rooms, and a restaurant. It is possible to get lessons here so complete beginners are welcome – the beginners lessons are provided for free.

It costs 500 THB for thirty minutes cable skiing or 2,190 THB for the full day. This price includes all the basic equipment along with a helmet and life jacket. It is possible to buy a 3 day members ticket for 4,790 THB or those who are particularly enthusiastic can purchase a 30 day ticket for 26,900 THB.

How to Cable Ski Safely

Cable skiing is a relatively safe activity so long as the right precautions are taken. The things to consider include:

  • Cable skiing and alcohol do not mix. If people have been drinking heavily the night before, it is best if they do not cable ski the next morning.
  • Those who have never attempted to cable ski before should make use of the lessons. At Phuket Cable Ski these are apparently free.
  • It is important to wear a proper helmet and life jacket.
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