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Phuket’s weather during low season is better than you think

Phuket’s so called low season, or rainy season is actually much better than most imagine. Sunsets are colorful, weather is mild and refreshed after the usual short daily shower, and the island is less cramped and prices lower.  With weather changing around the world, Phuket is not an exception, the rainy season seems pushed back […]

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Protection from the Sun in Phuket

Dealing with the Tropical Climate in Phuket The climate in Phuket is not something that most visitors will be used to. In fact it is often the change in climate that attracts people to such an exotic destination in the first place. Those who are arriving from colder countries will not usually be used to […]

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Phuket During the Rainy Season

Phuket at Any Time of the Year It is arguably always a good time to visit Phuket. Of course if people are only interested in sunbathing or water sports there are certain times of the year that will be better than others. If a sun worshiper arrives during the rainy season they should still get […]

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Keeping Cool in the Tropics

The Tropical Zone The Mekong Region (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam) generally have a much hotter climate than most foreign visitors are used to. This is because most of the region is tropical, lying between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. It experiences warm to hot weather all year round, […]

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