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Makha Bucha Thailand Festival

Magha Puja (มาฆบูชา) (Makha Bucha) is an important Buddhist religious festival, celebrated in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Magha is a Pali and Sanskrit word meaning the third lunar month, and Puja is a word in the same language that means to venerate or honor. It is pronounced in Thai as Makha Bucha. It is held […]

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Thailand Holidays and Festivals 2013

There are at least fifteen public holidays in Thailand and most Thai workers will receive additional vacation time on top of this. The Thai calendar also includes many holidays and festivals which are not official holidays. Below is the complete calendar of Thai Holidays and Festivals for 2013 [flickr]5639922304[/flickr]

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King’s Birthday and Fathers Day 2012

The King’s Birthday, Father’s Day, National Day King Bhumipol Adulyadej was born on December 5, and this day is now celebrated as Father’s Day across Thailand. Thai people may give a dok Buddha ruksa (also known as a canna flower) to their fathers and grandfathers on this day. Many people also wear yellow, which is […]

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Prince Mahidol Day Holiday

Mahidol Day is held each year on September 24 in remembrance of Prince Mahidol who is honored in Thailand as the father of modern Thai medicine. He was the father of HRH King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand. [flickr size =”large”]8018630485[/flickr]

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Nine Temple Merit Making Phuket

Thai people like to welcome in a new period of their life by visiting sacred places and making an offering so as to create merit for their future. [flickr size =”large”]5733664362[/flickr]

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Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in Thailand

Wonder what all those moon cakes are doing at 7-11? Here’s some info on the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and what you can expect in Thailand, near the end of September. [flickr]262305960[/flickr]

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