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Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and foreigners have been coming here for hundreds of years. Europeans first came to this island in search of precious metals, but in recent decades westerners are coming because of the climate, natural beauty, and wonderful culture. There is nowhere else in Thailand that […]

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Websites about Phuket

Phuket Internet Resources The internet is a great resource for people who looking for information about Phuket. There are many websites that are created by people who live on the island long term and so are in a good position to offer information and insights. New websites appear all the time but some of the […]

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Android Apps for Phuket

Using Android Devices in Phuket Android users who are planning a trip to Phuket will be able to download useful apps to their smart phones or tablets. Some of the best Phuket related software applications currently available (as of mid-2012) include the following… [flickr size=”large”]6603971801[/flickr]

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Ipad Apps for Phuket

Using the iPad in Phuket Modern technology has made traveling to foreign countries so much easier. One of the most useful devices to take on a trip to Phuket is the iPad. This wonderful machine has practically done away with the need to ever buy another travel guide book or Thai phrase book. Not only […]

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Amazing Thailand Mobile App

Thailand in Your Hand A new Amazing Thailand free application that works on multiple devices has been released by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). It is being promoted as Thailand in Your Hand, and it is a serious attempt to promote tourism using the available digital technology. There are currently many different mobile device […]

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