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Phuket as a Fitness Destination

There is nowhere else in Thailand that offers as many fitness options to visitors as Phuket. There are now many people who travel to the island with the specific intention of getting into shape. The fact that there are so many options means that there is almost certainly going to be a path to weight […]

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Protection from the Sun in Phuket

Dealing with the Tropical Climate in Phuket The climate in Phuket is not something that most visitors will be used to. In fact it is often the change in climate that attracts people to such an exotic destination in the first place. Those who are arriving from colder countries will not usually be used to […]

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Keeping Hydrated in the Tropics

Importance of Staying Hydrated in Southeast Asia The weather in Southeast Asia is usually much different than what foreigners are used to at home. The majority of tourists are not familiar with dealing with the heat, and this can lead them into trouble. One of the most serious problems is heat stroke but even mild […]

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Stay Healthy in Phuket

Becoming ill, or picking up an injury, can completely ruin a holiday so it is suggested that visitors take action to look after their health during their trip. There is no reason for people to become so obsessed with safety that it interferes with their ability to relax. A few reasonable health precautions should suffice […]

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Phuket International Hospital

Medical Treatment in Phuket An increasing number of visitors to Phuket are there for medical treatment. Medical tourism is a good option for many people, and Thailand has become a favorite destination for this. Not only is it relatively cheap to undergo medical treatments locally, but visitors can also rely on a high standard of […]

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Mission Hospital Phuket

Medical Treatment in Phuket Visitors to Phuket do sometimes become sick or injured. Luckily there are some good hospitals on the island that can offer an international standard of care. In fact these hospitals are so well thought of that people are travelling from other countries just to receive treatment. The cost of hospital care […]

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Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Medical Tourism in Phuket A major concern for people in many western countries is the cost of health care. This is particularly true for things such as elective surgery which health insurance might not always cover. This is because such procedures are not viewed as vital to the individual’s health even though they may be […]

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Dentists and Dental Services in Phuket

Dental tourism is a type of medical tourism where people travel abroad in order to have work done on their teeth. The most usual reason for doing this is an attempt to save money. Thailand has become a popular destination for those seeking this type of treatment. There are a number of good reasons for […]

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Keeping Cool in the Tropics

The Tropical Zone The Mekong Region (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam) generally have a much hotter climate than most foreign visitors are used to. This is because most of the region is tropical, lying between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. It experiences warm to hot weather all year round, […]

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