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Nightlife in Karon, Phuket, Thailand

Karon is the second biggest resort area in Phuket, and it offers plenty of great options for people who are looking for a bit of entertainment after dark. Although it is just 10 minutes away from the nighttime delights of Patong, there are many visitors who will just decide to stay local at night because […]

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Things to Do Near Kamala Beach

Kamala (กมลา) Beach is a great choice for visitors who are looking for a peaceful tropical beach that has reasonably good amenities nearby. This fishing village area was once considered to be a hidden gem that only tourists in the know got to enjoy, but in recent year it has become more popular. One of […]

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Tennis Courts in Phuket

Visitors to Phuket will be able to find some excellent opportunities to play tennis during their stay. Most of the big resorts will have their own outdoor courts, and there are also indoor options for people who want to escape from the heat. The island has tennis courts that are of an international standard, and […]

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Beaches in Phuket

Phuket has some of the best beaches in the world, and this is one of the main reasons for why it has become such a popular tourist destination – of course the local culture and climate is great too. The most popular and nicest places to relax in the sun are to be found on […]

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Songkran in Phuket

The Songkran festival highlights some of the nicest things about Thai culture. It is a time for sanuk (fun) and family – two things that are of supreme importance to people in this part of the world. When foreign visitors experience their first Songkran in Thailand, they usually have no problem joining in the spirit […]

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Running in Phuket

Phuket as a Destination for Runners Phuket has a great deal to offer anyone who enjoys running. There are some fantastic routes that people can try, and there are also now international races taking place on the island for those who like a bit of a challenge. Running along the beaches can be one of […]

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Hydrofoil in Phuket

Arrival of the Hydrofoil in Phuket The hydrofoil in Phuket is a new and exciting way to travel to locations further afield. This fast moving vessel only arrived on the island a couple of years ago, but it has already proved to be popular. There are some benefits to using this vessel, if people wish […]

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Zipline Adventure in Phuket

New Ways to Explore Phuket Most visitors agree that Thailand is a beautifully exotic place with plenty of interesting things to see and do. Up until the last century most of the country was jungle and much of this was hardly touched by humans. If people could go back and see how Phuket was then […]

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Surfing in Phuket

Phuket for the Surfer It is fair to say that Thailand is not the number one destination for surfing on the planet. This does not mean that this part of the world has nothing to offer the surfer because it certainly does. The island of Phuket has developed an enviable reputation for providing the best […]

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Cable Skiing in Phuket

The Most Fun You Can Have with a Cable Cable skiing is similar to water skiing/ wake boarding but instead of being pulled along by a speedboat it involves being pulled by a cable. The arrangement of the cables is such that it does feel similar to being pulled by a boat – the speed […]

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