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Alternatives to Eating Out in Phuket

It is nice to dine out on holiday, but those who play to say on Phuket for longer periods of time can become bored with restaurants. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to eat in your villa or apartment. This can also be a good way to save money. There are a number of good options for people looking for fast food deliveries in Phuket including:

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KFC makes deliveries all over Phuket. The service is quite good, and it is a relatively cheap option. This is by far the most successful western fast food business in Thailand. It is possible to order food online directly from the website or it is also possible to telephone 1150 – be sure to check out the regular promotions for the best deals.


Subway Patong offers an impressive selection of sandwiches to choose from. This branch only delivers to the Patong area. There are other branches of Subway on the island, and hopefully more of them will offer deliveries in the near future. It is possible to fax in an order to 076 296 733 – there is a form on the website to make this process easier. It is also possible to ring them at 076 349 009.

McDonalds Thailand

McDonalds is one of the most famous restaurant chains in the world so it is only to be expected that they have some branches in Phuket. They offer similar items to what can be found in the rest of the world, but there are also some local delicacies as well – the McD Namtok Rice is worth a try. It is possible to order McDonalds directly from the website or just telephone 1711.

Pizza Company Thailand

The Pizza Company is the most popular pizza restaurant chain in Thailand. They also offer some tasty pasta dishes. They offer deliveries up until midnight every day. Orders can be made online or it is they can be contacted by phone at 1112. It is worth checking out the combo promotions as they offer the best value for money, and they are good for families.

JJs Kitchen Phuket

JJs Kitchen Phuket offers a full range of local and international foods. They are based in Chalong, but they also make deliveries to other parts of the island between 9am and 9pm. They can be contacted at 825 324 488.

Phuket Deli

Phuket Deli is a good option for people who have the facilities to cook in their villa. They can deliver a wide range of imported food items as well as offering a decent wine collection. It is possible to order directly from the website and home deliveries can be arranged from 9am to midnight seven days a week.

Burger King

Burger King also offers a home delivery services. They do not currently offer the possibility of ordering directly online. Instead customers need to telephone 1112 – which strangely enough is also the number for Pizza Company.

Malisa and Me

Malisa and Me is a mobile restaurant that specializes in iced coffees and grilled sandwiches. They are most frequently based in Nai Harn Beach, but they also offer home deliveries. If people want catering for a large event they will bring along their whole restaurant. They can be contacted at 081 956 8635.

Pizzeria Hut

Pizzeria Hut is based in Patong and Kalim Beach. They also offer home deliveries. This restaurant specializes in traditional wood oven baked pizzas. They have a wide selection to choose from and provide 10 and 12 inch pizzas for delivery. Their promise is, _ no delicious, no hot–no charge!_ It is possible to order by dialing 076 341 828 or emailing

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