Phuket as a Fitness Destination

There is nowhere else in Thailand that offers as many fitness options to visitors as Phuket. There are now many people who travel to the island with the specific intention of getting into shape. The fact that there are so many options means that there is almost certainly going to be a path to weight loss and better health to suit anyone. Staying in this beautiful part of the world will often inspire people to make healthy changes to their life, and watching everyone else engage in fitness activities can be inspiring.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai in Phuket

Muay Thai is the National Sport of Thailand and some of the top camps are located in Phuket. It is not necessary for visitors to have any previous experience in order to begin learning this martial art, although a reasonable amount of general fitness will be a definite advantage. If people would like to train for a real fight in a local stadium, they are usually expected to attend lessons full time (twice per day) for about 90 days. It is also possible to just do some training for fun and fitness. There are many Muay Thai camps in Phuket including:

  • Tiger Muay Thai has only been operating for six years, but they have managed to become one of the most popular gyms on the island – they often have as many as 200 foreigners training at the camp. As well as teaching Muay Thai they also provide instruction on; MMA, Muay Boran, and Krabi Krabong.
  • Suwit Muay Thai is located on Choa Fa Rd, and it is one of the longest running camps in the island. Many of their fighters have gone on to achieve international success.
  • Lion Muay Thai have their camp near to Rawai. They have a good selection of training options to choose from, and they are one of the most reasonably priced of all the camps.
  • Singpatong Muay Thai is near to Patong Beach. In the past this gym only tended to focus on serious fighters, but they are now also willing to train anyone interested in this martial art.
  • Phrom Thep Muay Thai Camp is in Rawai, and they offer a number of different programs.
  • Chang Muay Thai Camp is near to Kata Beach. The focus here is on Muay Thai as practiced in the north of the country.
  • Patong Boxing Gym is located on the Patak Road on the way to Karon. Students here are offered great flexibility in regards to when they train and for how long.
  • Sinbi Muay Thai is another camp that is located in Rawai. They claim to be able to turn complete beginners into professionals, and there have been a number of champions who trained here.

Rapid Weight Loss Programs in Phuket

If people are looking to lose weight in a hurry one of the best options will be to attend a boot camp designed for this (sometimes referred to as a fat camp). There are a number of options for this including:

  • Thailand Camp in Rawai offers about the most intensive weight loss experience with four fitness sessions per day. They also provide training on nutrition.
  • Pro Fit Phuket has a boot camp on Bang Tao Beach. It costs 400 THB (as of early 2013) and there are sessions Monday to Friday.
  • Tiger Muay Thai also offers a boot camp weight loss program. This cross fit class is available every day.
  • Lion Muay Thai also offers a weight loss program.

Walking in Phuket

One of the easiest ways to stay fit in Phuket is to just go walking – it is usually free and you don’t need any special equipment. The beaches are a great place to go walking in the early morning and evenings and Phuket Town is another good option. It is also possible to go on organized trekking tours of the Phuket jungle.

Running in Phuket

Running is a popular activity in Phuket – especially during the cool season when even those Thai people who are sedate the rest of the year will put on their running shoes. If people wish to enjoy a more social and fun type of running they should definitely check out the Phuket Hash House Harriers. This group organizes events for every week of the year. The main running even in Phuket is the yearly marathon (see fitness events below for details).

Bicycling in Phuket

Another good option for people who want to stay fit is to go bicycling around the island. Most resorts can arrange bicycle hire, and there are also shops that specialize in mountain bike hire. If visitors really want to explore what the island has to offer they might want to choose a bike tour. These can be arranged by companies such as Amazing Bike Tours, Bike Tours Thailand,and Siam Bike Tours.

Golf in Phuket

Playing golf is unlikely to make anyone super-fit – especially in a place like Phuket where a golf cart is mandatory – but it can be a way to maintain a modest level of fitness. There are a number of courses to choose from on the island including: Phuket Country Club,Loch Palm Golf Club, and Laguna Phuket Golf Club.

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Water Sports in Phuket

So far we have been focused on land based fitness opportunities but of course there are also plenty of water sports available as well including:

  • Scuba diving is actually a very good way to stay fit, and the fact that it is underwater means that people can increase their fitness levels without putting too much strain on their body.
  • Kayaking is not only a way to stay fit, but it also means that visitors can get to see some hard to reach places on the island.
  • There are some good waves around Phuket so surfing is another fitness option. Kite surfing is recommended if people want to enjoy a bit more of an adrenalin rush.
  • It is possible to go swimming from practically every beach in Phuket and most resorts will have swimming pools.

As well as all of these outdoor activities there are also plenty of fitness gyms on the island as well. Some of the best gyms would include:

Fitness Events in Phuket

There are numerous fitness events in Phuket including:

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