Hydrofoil in Phuket

Arrival of the Hydrofoil in Phuket

The hydrofoil in Phuket is a new and exciting way to travel to locations further afield. This fast moving vessel only arrived on the island a couple of years ago, but it has already proved to be popular. There are some benefits to using this vessel, if people wish to travel to other nearby islands.

Hydrofoil Explained

A hydrofoil refers to a type of boat that benefits from the physical effect of foils. The boat has foils under the hull, and this causes it to lift out of the water. The fact that the vessel is now above the water means that there is less drag so it is now able to move faster. The hydrofoil travels at speeds of about 65 miles an hour. This technology has been available for more than a century, but there have been some exciting developments in recent decades.

Benefits of Travelling by Hydrofoil

There are a number of good reasons why people might prefer to travel by hydrofoil including: * It is a fast way to travel across the sea. * The fact that the boat is moving above the water means that people generally experience a smoother ride. * Even those people who usually suffer from sea sickness get to enjoy the trip. * It is fun to glide above the water in this type of vessel. * It is a relatively cheap way to travel considering the time that it saves. * The boats are comfortable. It is possible to enjoy a coffee or even lunch on board the ship. These boats serve Thai and western cuisine. * The Phuket Hydrofoil appears to take safety seriously.

Hydrofoil Destinations

The hydrofoil serves a number of destinations including:

Phi Phi Islands

Koh Phi Phi is considered by many people to be the most beautiful location in the whole of Thailand. It is approximately 46 km away from Phuket and the hydrofoil in less than 45 minutes. A tour of the islands by hydrofoil includes a trip to Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley. Those on the tour will also get to enjoy lunch at Maya Bay – this is one of the locations used in the movie The Beach. Those who go on this day trip will also get to enjoy a bit of snorkeling. The cost for an adult is 3,300 THB and 2,500 THB for a child.

Similan Islands

If people want to experience something different than the usual tourist routine a trip to the Similan Islands is highly recommended. This is considered to be the one of the best scuba diving destinations on the planet, and there is also plenty to enjoy above ground as well. If people want to see picture perfect white coral beaches and crystal clear water then this is the place to go for that. During a trip to the Similan Islands by hydrofoil the passengers will get to visit islands 4, 6, and 8. They will also get a chance to snorkel. The trip takes an hour and a half and it costs 4,800 THB for adults and 3,800 THB for children.

Lanta Island

Koh Lanta was once mostly enjoyed by backpackers, but it has become an increasingly popular with other tourists in recent years. It is a beautiful island with many unspoilt beaches. Those who take the tour by hydrofoil also get to visit Koh Phi Phi. As part of the trip passengers get to eat in a picturesque hilltop restaurant on Lanta island and there will be plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling during the day trip. It costs 4,200 THB for adults and 3,200 THB for children.

Destination Fares by Hydrofoil

If people wish to travel to Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lanta without a tour they need to pay:

  • One way ticket from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi is 1,800 for an adult and 1,500 for a child.
  • Return ticket to Koh Phi Phi costs 3,000 THB for an adult and 2,500 THB for a child.
  • One way ticket to Koh Lanta (passengers need to first travel to Koh Phi Phi) costs 2,400 for adults and 2,000 THB for a child.
  • A return ticket to Koh Lanta costs 4,000 THB for an adult and 3,400 THB for a child.

The hydrofoil leaves from Phuket Pier. Tickets can be bought from one of the many agents on the island or directly from the website.

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