Ipad Apps for Phuket

Using the iPad in Phuket

Modern technology has made traveling to foreign countries so much easier. One of the most useful devices to take on a trip to Phuket is the iPad. This wonderful machine has practically done away with the need to ever buy another travel guide book or Thai phrase book. Not only is the iPad able to provide these functions but it does it in new and improved ways. It also means that people have far less to carry in their luggage. The makers of iPad applications are constantly finding novel ways to push the limits of this technology, and this is great news for users of the device. The number of Phuket related applications on the iPad is increasing all the time.

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Most Popular Phuket iPad Apps

The most popular Phuket iPad apps as of mid-2012 include:

Phuket Gazette for iPad

The Phuket Gazette app provides access to the digital edition of this popular daily newspaper. It is completely free and it allows regular visitors to keep up with the latest news from the island. This app also comes packed with articles dealing with expat issues and information for tourists. There is also a handy classifieds section if people are looking for a deal. The latest update for this app has meant an improved ability to watch streamlined videos.

Amazing Thailand App

Amazing Thailand High Definition is an official app that has recently been released by the Thai Tourist Authority. This is a huge improvement on previous offerings and best of all it is free. As well as providing plenty of useful information about Phuket this app also does the same for 89 other destinations in Thailand. In the Phuket section it contains information such as:

  • Where to stay
  • Where to go
  • Where to shop
  • How to get there
  • Where to eat
  • About Phuket
  • Special promotions on the island

Phuket Island Travel

Phuket Island Travel is a paid app – it costs $4.99 in the iTunes store. Included inside is:

  • Basic info about Phuket
  • List of hotels
  • Local attractions including location on a map
  • The city search function allows people to search for places of interest– for example, restaurants.
  • Map of Phuket
  • Language translator that can facilitate improved communication.
  • Weather in Phuket
  • Image gallery
  • World clock
  • The event management function can be used when people are planning their trip.

Arguably almost all the functions on this app can be found elsewhere for free, but people may decide that it is worth the money to have all these functions under the one roof.

Thai Visa Connect App

The Thai Visa Connect allows iPad owners to gain access to the largest English speaking online forum dealing with Thailand. There is a section devoted to Phuket and with over 133,000 members there is almost certain to be someone to answer every question. This online community is also going to be useful for people who have returned home but hope to one day return to Phuket a longer stay – they will get all the advice they need here. The app itself is well put together and does exactly what it promises. It is also another free app.

Talking Thai – English – Thai App

There are a number of different apps available for people who wish to learn some Thai but this one by Paiboon Publishing is arguably the best. The Talking Thai – English – Thai App costs $24.99 but if people are serious about learning the language they may believe that the expense is worth it. This app contains 150,000 words with 18 hours worth of clear audio – everything is clearly laid out and words come with Thai and romanticized spelling. There is no need to have an internet connection afterwards because everything is downloaded with the app.

iPhone Apps That Can be Used on the iPad

There are also apps that have not been designed specifically for the iPad but can be used on this device such as:

  • Phuket 91.5 FM is a free radio player that allows people to tune into the news and great music from the island. It also broadcasts BBC world news so that users can stay up to date with what is happening elsewhere in the world.
  • An increasing number of visitors are arriving on the island to learn Muay Thai. The Tiger Muay Thai App is provided by one of the most popular camps in Phuket and it is full of useful information – including plenty of video footage.
  • One of the nice things about the iPad is that it comes loaded with Google maps, but the problem is that an internet connection is needed to get the most out of this. The Phuket Travel Map can be used without an internet connect – it costs $2.99.
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