iPhone Apps for Phuket

Bringing your iPhone to Phuket

It is recommended that people bring their iPhone with them when visiting Phuket. This is because there are many useful Phuket apps that will be of benefit during their trip. Modern technology has made traveling abroad so much easier. iPhone apps are not only great for finding where things are, but they can even help visitors to Phuket master the local language. Best of all is that so many of these applications are available for free.


Best iPhone Apps for Phuket

There are new apps for Phuket being released all the time. Some of the most popular at the time of this posting include:

Amazing Thailand Phuket

Amazing Thailand Phuket is a free app that has been created by the Tourist Authority of Thailand. It includes an impressive number of different features including:

  • Maps with geolocation so you never get lost on the island.
  • Useful telephone numbers.
  • Currency converter that is updated daily
  • Updated weather forecasts
  • Travel tips for visitors to Phuket
  • Information about restaurants, accommodation, things to do, and places to see. Most of these articles can be viewed offline as well as online.
  • A Thai phrase book with audio content.
  • This app also offers the ability to quickly contact the Tourist Authority of Thailand if people have any questions they want answered.

Phuket Gazette for the iPhone

The Phuket Gazette iPhone app is also available for free and it provides the best in daily breaking news from the local area. The Gazette also provides plenty of useful information for visitors to Phuket and the largest local online classifieds section. It is also possible for users of this app to submit questions which will be answered by some of the most knowledgeable people working at the Gazette.

Phuket Map

The free Phuket Map is worth having because it is possible to use it even when you have no internet connection. There are maps for the whole island as well as the most popular tourist areas. These maps also provide information about the location of restaurants and other tourist attractions.

91.5 FM Phuket Island Radio Player

The 91.5 FM Phuket Island Radio Player is another free app that it is highly recommended. As well as providing all the best local news there are also international news bulletins from the BBC. The music selection on 91.5 FM is varied so there is something to please everyone. It is also possible to use the app to make song requests. One of the nicest things about this app is it means that people can continue to enjoy life on the island long after their holiday is over.

Tiger Muay Thai App

There are an increasing number of visitors to Phuket who decide to learn a bit of Muay Thai or MMA during their trip. The island has become home to some of the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand, and one of the most successful at the moment is Tiger Muay Thai in Chalong Bay. This free Tiger Muay Thai app provides the latest news from the camp as well as an impressive collection of videos. There is also information for anyone who is thinking of coming to train at the camp.

Talking Thai English–Thai Dictionary App

The Talking Thai English-Thai Dictionary app is a bit expensive at $24.99, but it is perfect for anyone who wants to make a serious attempt at speaking the local language. This app was created by Paiboon Publishing who is also responsible for the successful Thai for Beginners series. There is an impressive 150,000 entries in the app and these come with clear audio. The words can be learned using the Thai alphabet or using the simple pronunciation guide. This app also has plenty of other useful functions including an explanation for spelling.

Thai Talk Board

Those people who are only interested in learning a few basic Thai words might find that the Thai Talk Board suits their purposes. This app is free and it provides some useful Thai vocabulary under 5 different categories. Users just have to tap on the phrase they want to say, and it will be reproduced by a native speaker. Those using the app can then memorize these simple phrases or if they are really lazy it will be possible to just tap on the phrase every time.

Thai Visa Connect

The Thai Visa forum is an online community made up of approximately 133,000 members. This forum focuses on every aspect of visiting or staying in Thailand. It is a useful resource for those who have any questions about their trip or who want to stay in Phuket long term. The fact that there are so many members in this community means that there will almost always be at least someone who can provide answers. The Thai Visa Connect app for the iPhone offers an easy way to join this community – it is available for free.

Phuket on the iPad

All of the apps that are available on the iPhone are also available for the iPad. In many instances there will be an enhanced version of the app for iPad users. There are also a number of Phuket apps that are only available for users for the iPad.

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