Movie Theatres in Phuket

If people are looking for things to do in Phuket then they might want to consider a trip to the movies. Phuket is home to a couple of world class movie theatres. It is possible to go to see locally made movies or international blockbusters. Many of the Thai films will also come with English subtitles and are well worth seeing.


Good Reasons to See a Movie in Phuket

Movie theatres are probably not high on the list of reasons for why people come from all over the world to visit Phuket. In fact some people may even argue that it is a bit of a waste to travel all the way to sunny Thailand only to spend time indoors. There are actually some good reasons for why people might want to see movies in Phuket including:

  • At certain times of the day in Phuket it can become uncomfortably hot and lying out in the sun at this time can be dangerous. Spending a couple of hours in a comfortable air conditioned theatre while watching a movie can be a welcome break from the sun – it can get cold so people are advised to bring along a sweater.
  • People get fed up doing the same things all the time on holiday. A visit to the cinema can be something different.
  • There are many people who just don’t have the time to visit the cinema when they are back in their home countries. During their holidays they may have a bit more time for such activities.
  • Going to see a Thai movie can be a wonderful way to gain insight into the local culture. Watching a Thai movie can also give people a chance to build up some new Thai vocabulary.
  • A visit to the cinema is a good option for all the family. Kids will be kept entertained for at least a couple of hours.
  • There is usually a good selection of the latest movies available in Phuket cinemas.
  • The décor and facilities in local movie theatres are world class.
  • It is relatively cheap to visit a cinema in Phuket.
  • There will occasionally be days in Phuket when there is an alcohol ban for one reason or another – this is often related to elections. A visit to the cinema offers a pleasant diversion on such occasions.

SF Cinema City Jungceylon

The SF Cinema City can be found on the third floor of Jungceylon near Patong beach. As well as the cinema the Jungceylon is also a top shopping destination that includes world renowned brands. If visitors have a bit of time before or after the movie they can also enjoy bowling, karaoke, or spend time in one of the many restaurants. SF City boasts 5 screens where movie goers can enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters or some local Thai films. Movies are shown in English and Thai, and some also have subtitles. The telephone number for SFC Jungceylon Phuket is 076-600-555 and it is also possible to book tickets online.

SFX Coliseum Cinema Phuket

The SFX Coliseum Cinema can be found in Central Festival Department Store in Phuket Town. It can be found on the third floor and there are 7 screens showing movies from Thailand and around the world. The SFX Coliseum offers a premium movie going experience with the best in digital and audio equipment. They can be contacted on 076-209-000 for bookings. Central Festival Department Store can be found on Vichit songkram Rd

Coliseum Paradise Multiplex

Coliseum Paradise Multiplex can also be found in Phuket Town and it is located right beside Ocean Shopping Mall on Tilok-u-Thit Road. Like the other cinemas on the island it offers a good selection of local and foreign films – tickets here can be as cheap as 90 THB. The telephone number of Coliseum Paradise Multiplex is 076220174.

Advice for Visiting Phuket Cinemas

Those who intend to visit a Phuket cinema are advised:

  • The king’s anthem is played in all Thai cinemas prior to the movie. All those who are in the movie theatre are expected to stand up for this – not to do so is considered highly disrespectful.
  • Just because the movie was originally made in English does not mean that it will be in English. It is important to check the audio language and availability of subtitles before buying a ticket.
  • In recent years there has been a rise in the number of movies available in 3D. There will usually be a standard version of these films for those people who do not want to sit through a 3D movie.
  • The Thais like their cinemas to be cold so it is best to prepare for this by bringing along an extra layering of clothes are a blanket.
  • The popular movies can sell out fast so it is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment. This is easy to do over the internet or by phone.
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