Nightlife in Chalong

Chalong (Ao Chalong) has some good nightlife options for people who are staying in this part of Phuket. This is where the main harbor on the island is located. Many of the visitors who stay here will be training in one the local Muay Thai camps or learning to scuba dive in one of the many dive schools in the area. There are also people who choose to stay in this part of Phuket because of the availability of reasonably priced accommodation, and it is close enough to popular areas like Rawai and Phuket Town to make staying here practical. It is possible for tourists to just remain in this area for their whole holiday and still find plenty to keep them entertained.

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Best Bars in Chalong

Up until a few years ago there was very little in the way of nightlife available here, only a couple of karaoke type Thai bars, but things have changed dramatically, and it is certainly possible to have a good night on the town without leaving Chalong. Some of the best bars in Chalong would include:

Tamarind Bar

The Tamarind Bar is nothing fancy (unless you are impressed by fairy lights), but it offers cheap food, a nice selection of beers and spirits, and there is usually a good atmosphere here. Thi is an open front venue, so it is perfect if you want to sit and watch the world go by. It is located on the waterfront at Chalong Bay. Some nights can be great fun here, but it depends on who is in the bar on the night. This is one of the oldest bars in the area, so it has become somewhat of an institution.

Green Man Pub

The Green Man Pub & Restaurant is arguably one of the most unique looking pubs in Phuket. It is designed to look exactly like a traditional Tudor style English pub, and if it wasn’t for the heat, visitors might be forgiven for thinking that they had just been transported to the other side of the world. This is more like a family restaurant during the day, but it is at night that that the Green Man Pub really comes alive. They regularly have live music and other events like quiz nights. It is located on Patak Road going west from Chalong Bay towards Kata.

02 Beach Club

The 02 Beach Club is a recent addition to the Chalong nightlife options, and it is a good option if you want something fancy. Those visitors who stay in Chalong because they want to save money might want to give this place a miss because it is expensive.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse gets its name because it is designed to look like a lighthouse – it is located to the south of Chalong Pier, and its unique look makes it easy to spot. This is more of a restaurant during the day, but it is common for people to hang around here late into the night for drinks. The interior of the building contains plenty of nautical memorabilia, and it is a pleasant place to relax. They have a good beer and cocktail selection, but drinks are a bit more expensive than some of the other nearby places. Customers have access to free Wi-Fi.

Coconut Bar

Cocunut Bar is similar to the type of beer bar place you will find in places like Patong. It is a small place, but it gets busy in the evenings. It is located on the road that goes from Chalong Circle to the pier.

New Bar

New Bar is on the same road as Coconut bar, and it offers pretty much the same beer bar atmosphere.

Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar probably has the most to offer out of all the bars near Chalong Pier. It has things like pool and darts, and it also offers a good selection of western and Thai food.

Ao Chalong Yacht Club Bar

Ao Chalong Yacht Club has one of the best restaurants and high class bars in the area. Guests get to sit in rattan chairs and admire the nearby beach. Most of the customers who come here will be yacht enthusiasts, and this tend to be the main topic of conversation – especially during the Phuket Race Week.

There are many small bars in the area around Chalong Circle going towards the pier. It seems that there are always new places opening and others closing here.

Restaurants in Chalong

There is also a good selection of restaurants in the local area where people can spend their evening including:

  • Kan [email protected] is an up market place that offers delicious seafood and other local Thai specialties. This is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, as it is in a nice location with a panoramic view of the harbor.
  • Prantalay Seafood is located right on the beach, and they offer a good selection of sea food. This is a nice place to visit around sunset.
  • Skiffer Resteraunt specializes in a gourmet type of pizza which they call a “flattie”. They decor here is very modern with a nautical theme to the design.
  • The best Italian food in Chalong can be found at Da Sandro Trattoria on Chaofa East Road. The food here is reasonably priced as well as tasty.
  • Captain Hook Restaurant offers German food and Thai food – apparently their schnitzel is very good. They are located on a soi just off Chaofa East Road not far from Chalong circle.
  • Mr India offers the most authentic Indian food to be found on the island of Phuket. This is a small restaurant on the road that runs down to the pier, and they also do takeaways.

Other Nightlife in Chalong

There are also other nightlife options in Chalong including:

  • If people want to catch some live Muay Thai action they can go to Suwit Boxing Stadium on Friday Nights. Tiger Muay Thai also has regular boxing nights with a BBQ thrown in as well.
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