Nightlife in Karon, Phuket, Thailand

Karon is the second biggest resort area in Phuket, and it offers plenty of great options for people who are looking for a bit of entertainment after dark. Although it is just 10 minutes away from the nighttime delights of Patong, there are many visitors who will just decide to stay local at night because there is so much going on here. Karon offers a good middle ground between the madness of the nightlife in Patong, and the more sedate experience of a Phuket Town venue. Most of the best bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in Karon are to be found on Patak Road, so this means that the nightlife is easy to navigate.

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Bars in Karon

There are plenty of great bars to choose from in Karon including:

Walkabout Sports Bar

Walkabout Sports Bar is an Australian venue that is located on Soi Karon Whale – just off Patak Road. At the moment (early 2013) they have an all day happy hour with imported draught beer at 120 THB per pint. All the important sports events are shown here on 6 flat screen televisions. They also have music here and a good selection of snacks on their menu – on Tuesdays and Saturdays they have special deals on pizza. Walkabout Sports Bar also offers a pool table, and their pub team plays in the Southern Phuket Pool League.

Angus O’Tool Irish Pub

Angus O’Tool Irish Pub is located on Patak Road in Karon – just 300 meters from the beach. They offer live sports on 6 large screens, and they regularly offer live music in the evenings. The food here is very good, and their all day breakfast is particularly popular. They also have a good selection of beers, spirits, and wines. This bar can get busy at the weekends or when there is an important sports event going on, but it is usually a fun crowd. Angus O’Tool also has plenty of special offers on alcoholic drinks and food throughout the week. There is also free WiFi available.

Karon Sunshine Bar

Karon Sunshine Bar is a laid back kind of place where people can go to enjoy a few drinks in the evening. This bar is part of a guesthouse, but it also attracts a few regulars and benefits from passing trade. They offer a good selection of beers and spirits, and they are also rumored to serve the best coffee in Karon. This is a good option for people who just want to spend the evening chatting with some friends, or just relaxing with a few drinks and a good book. They have a menu with authentic Thai as well as international cuisine.

Karon Aussie Bar

Karon Aussie Bar is also located on Patak Road – inside a complex called One Man Soi. This is a friendly place and the owners (Kenny and Lee) are always willing to offer advice to newcomers to Phuket. They have a pool table, and they show live sports in the bar on their large screen – they try to show all the Australian rugby and Aussie rules football matches. Customers can use free WiFi if they bring their laptops or mobile devices.

The Soho Bar

The Soho Bar is another relaxed venue that is perfect for the start of a night out – although some nights there can be a great crowd here, and it may be worth just staying there until closing. Things liven up here as the night progresses, but it never gets so boisterous that conversation with friends becomes difficult. The Soho Bar is located 150 meters from the Beach on Patak Road – just across from the 7evelen.

Hakan Bar

Hakan Bar is a stylish Swedish owned bar that can be found on Beach Road. This venue is very popular with Swedish people as it was made famous by a hit reality show that was popular in Sweden. The decor and furnishings are bright and modern looking, and this bar attracts people of all nationalities. It can get busy here in the evenings, but it is usually a good crowd. The food menu has some real crowd pleasers which of course includes Swedish meatballs.

Anybody’s Bar

Anybody’s Bar is just a small venue that looks like any of the other beer bars to be found in Phuket, but it is surprisingly popular. This is largely due to the fact that it tends to attract a nice crowd, and the people working here make an effort to ensure that their customers are having a good time.

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There are a number of entertainment complexes in the Karon area where there are many beer bars located together. These are similar to what is available in Patong and customers will usually go here for the availability of female company as well as alcohol. The most popular of these beer bar complexes would include:

  • Bangla Plazza is to be found on Luang Pho Chuan Road. As well as the beer bars, there are also a few quite places where people can just go to relax or to play a few games of pool. There are enough bars here to keep those in party mood entertained for the whole night.
  • Soi One Man is the most popular entertainment complex in Karon because it is nearest to the beach. The bars here all tend to look the same, but there is a good deal of competition between them – the most popular bar on the soi changes over time.
  • There are also other beer bars to be found along Patak Road.

Nighclubs in Karon

The best option for a nightclub in Karon would be:

Karma Lounge

Karma Lounge is a good option for people who wish to party hard into the early hours of the morning. They can be found on Patak Road close to Karon Circle. The busiest night of the week here is Friday when they have live entertainment. This venue tends to attract a good mix of Thais as well as foreign visitors. This venue has two floors, and they offer a good mix of music.

Restaurants in Karon

There are many restaurants to choose from in Karon including:

  • Ging Restaurant is located on Karon Road, and it offers some of the best Thai food around at a reasonable price. They also have some international dishes on the menu as well.
  • Two Chefs is located to the north of Karon Beach – they also have three other venues in the nearby area. They have an impressive a le carte menu, and they also provide an impressive selection of sandwiches, tex mex, and vegetarian meals.
  • Karon Cafe specializes in steak and authentic Thai food. They are located inside the Karon Village Phuket Hotel Centara Resort Complex which is just off Patak Road.
  • Mali Seafood Karon offers some of the best seafood in Karon. The restaurant is nicely furnished and there are some beautiful vies of a nearby Han lake.
  • Harry’s Phuket specializes in steak and Swedish food – it is part of a Swedish chain of restaurants. They are located on the same street as the Phuket Orchid Resort.
  • The Little Mermaid is a friendly restaurant that is located near to the beach. They are open until 2am and many customers are happy to spend the night drinking here after they have finished their meal.
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