Nightlife in Phuket Town

If visitors are looking for an authentically Thai night on the town the best place on the island to go for this is Phuket City – still affectionately called Phuket Town. This is where the local people will go when they want to party, and the nightlife here provides a great opportunity for tourists to mingle with Thai people. Expats tend to choose Phuket Town for a night out because it is a bit more sedate and well away from the craziness of places like Patong, so there are plenty of places to go in the city at night, and there is no excuse not to have a good time.

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Bars in Phuket Town

Some of the best bars in Phuket Town would include:

E-Sarn Terrace

E-Sarn Terrace is a good option if people are looking to watch some sports or eat some real Thai food from the Isan region. They are located near to Wachira Hospital on Yaowarat Road. Some people just come here to eat, while others will stay late into the night and drink a few beers – especially if there is some type of sport event going on.

Michael’s Bar

Michael’s Bar is a lively place, and it is a good option if people want to meet some new friends. It attracts many of the local ex-pats who come here regularly, but they are always welcoming to new arrivals. The bar has a giant plasma screen where they show all the major sporting events. They also provide customers with free high speed internet (2Mpbs) using wi-fi. In the early evening they have a happy hour where beers are just 70 THB (as of early 2013) and they also have a very happy hour at the weekends when they have a buy one drink get one free deal.

O’Malley’s Irish Pub

O’Malley’s Irish Pub on Montree Road is one the most popular of all the western style bars in Phuket Town. They are located not far from the main bus station. Despite the name, this is not really much of an Irish bar. Many of the customers who come here are fledgling expats who are doing the TEFL course, so they can remain in Thailand and teach. There is a pool table here, and a TV. The beer is cheap, and on the right night it is possible to have a great time here.

Siam Indigo Exotique Bar and Restaurant

Siam Indigo is stylish and modern looking. It mostly attracts sophisticated Thais who come here to eat and drink. The walls of the bar are covered in art work created by local artists, and it is obvious from this that there is some great local talent. The service here is good, and the members of staff are welcoming. They menu is predominately Thai food with some interesting fusion dishes. Siam Indigo can be found on Phang Nga Road right beside the Kasikorn Bank.

Fever Bar

Fever Bar is a nice choice for the start of the evening. This Thai style beer garden is located near Talingchan Bridge on Takuapa Road. It is a simple bar, but it can be nice to sit in the beer garden in the evening.

Roxy Bar

Roxy Bar on Phang-Nga Road has an excellent selection of cocktails to choose from, and the prices here are competitive. They also have live music, pub games (including pool), and a quiz night on Wednesday. The owner if from the US, and she makes a real effort to make her customers feel welcome.

Music Matters

Music Matters is a small jazz bar located near Surin Circle. This is an open air bar and even though it only has a handful of tables it is rarely busy – it is a good choice for those who are looking for something relaxed.

Nightclubs in Phuket Town

The best nightclubs in Phuket would include:

Timber Hut

Timber Hut/Timber Rock is one of the best music venues in the city. They open late into the night, and they have live bands followed by a DJ. This place can be packed at the weekends, but there is usually a good mix of Thais and foreign visitors. They offer an eclectic mix of local and western music, so there is usually something to please everyone. There are two floors, and it is usually upstairs dance floor where most people congregate – it can get a bit crowded at the weekends.

Kor Tor Mor

Kor Tor Mor beside Seahorse Circle is typical Thai nightclub, and it is the most popular dance venue in the city. At the weekends it can be so busy that it is impossible to get inside. The music is mostly Thai pop, and they expect customers to at least wear smart casual clothes. There is no charge on the door, and it is best to get here early in order to be sure of admittance (doors open at 21:00).

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Restaurants in Phuket Town

There are plenty of restaurants in the city to choose from including:

  • Lemongrass Restearaunt on Dibuk Road offers authentic Thai food at a good price. This is a good option for a romantic night out.
  • Watermark Restaurant is one of the top places to eat on the island – it was featured in the New York Times. This restaurant is located just on the outskirts of the city on Thepkasattri Road.
  • Ang Sea Food near the Bang Niaw Chinese Temple on Phuket Road is a good choice for people looking for cheap sea food. This place is really popular with the Thais, and it is always busy in the evening.
  • The best noodles in the city can be found at Brake Taek near the bus station on Phang Nga Road.

Other Nightlife Options in Phuket Town

Other nightlife options in Phuket Town would include:

  • Siam Niramit has been described as “Thailand’s must see show” – it is a celebration of Thai culture and involves more than 100 performers. This venue is in Rassada – just on the outskirts of the town.
  • There is late night bowling at CS Bowl Center which is in Big C on the By-pass Road – top floor.
  • If people want to catch a late night movie they can go to SFX Coliseum at Central Festival.
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