Nightlife Near Kata Beach

Kata is often described as the most scenic part of Phuket, but it can also be a good option for people looking for entertainment after dark. Tourist will often claim that this area has a real “village type feel” to it, but there are also plenty of bars and other options for entertainment. It is nowhere near as busy as Patong, or even nearby Karon, but all the ingredients for a good night on the town can be found locally.

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Bars Near Kata Beach

There is a good selection of bars in the Kata Beach area including:

Duke’s Sports Bar

Duke’s Sports Bar (aka [email protected]) is two blocks from the Kata Beach on Taina Road. As the name suggests, this venue is a good choice for sports fans, and all the major sporting events are covered. They have 5 large screens and all the major sporting networks including; Star Sports, Astro Super Sport, ESPN Asia, ASN, The Golf Channel, and the Australia Network. They have a happy hour between 15:00 and 19:00, and they also offer special deals on cocktails. Every month this bar also provides a DVD and book exchange – this takes place on the second Monday of each month between 17:00 and 19:00.

Biker’s Corner Kata Beach

Biker’s Corneris located right in the center of Kata Beach. This is first and foremost a biker’s bar, but they welcome anyone who is looking for a friendly place to drink or dine. They offer a good selection of European food, and they stock all the popular beers and spirits. They decor is what you might expect from this type of venue – plenty of motorbike memorabilia. There is seating inside and outside the bar.

Ska Bar

The Ska Bar is located on the south end of Kata beach – some people will refer to it as the “reggae bar”. This is an open beach bar that is small but is never feels too busy because the customers can just spill out onto the beach. They have a fire show here late in the evening, and there is usually some great music playing. This can be a good choice for people who want to get in the mood for partying but other people will want to spend the whole night here.


Bluefin Tavern

The Bluefin Tavern is popular with the local expat community. They serve some of the best Mexican in the area. It is a small place, but it is a good choice if people are looking for a relaxing evening. The Bluefin Tavern is located on Taina Road in the center of Kata. There is seating indoors or outdoors on the terrace.

Robert’s Pub

The owner of Robert’s Pub claims to be the best guitarist in Thailand. There may be some people who would dispute this claim, but there is no doubting that he has real talent. He plays live in his own bar on the east end of Thai Na Road – this place doesn’t even open until 22:00, so it is ideal for people who like to go out late. Robert plays in the bar almost every night, and he does all the classics.

The Tube Surf Bar and Restaurant

The Tubeis located to the south of Kata Beach, and this bar mostly attracts suffers – they will often have surfing videos showing. It is owned by the same people who have the nearby surf board rental shop and surfing school. They serve western and Thai food. At the weekends they have an all you can eat BBQ for just 199 THB – this is good value.

Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Mom Tri’s Kitchen is a stylish place that offers superb views of the sea. They have a happy hour in the early evening, between 17:00 and 19:00, and this is a nice time to visit so as to start the night off in style.

Oasis on the Sea

Oasis on the Sea is also managed by the same people that own Mom Tri’s Kitchen. It is a tapas bar with live music, and it is right on Kata Beach. This venue has access to the finest collection of wines on the island, so there should be something to please everyone.

Rick ‘n’ Roll Music Cafe

Rick ‘n’ Roll Music Cafe is a fun place that usually has live music. As well as being a bar there is also a cafe, restaurant, and hostel. This venue is located on Thai Na Road.

In the area around Kata corner are a good number of beer bars, that offer a similar experience to what can be found in Patong. All these bars are pretty similar and basic, but they are popular with those who are looking for a bit of female company. These places open late into the night. Kata Night Bazaar is another collection of similar bars that can be found on Kata Road. There is a large brightly lit sign saying “Kata Night Bazaar”, so it is hard to miss.

There are also some good bars in easy reach of Kata including:

  • Angus O’Tools on Patak Road in Karon is the nearest Irish Bar to Kata. This is a lively place with good pub grub and regular events.
  • Harry’s Karon is a popular steakhouse and bar near the beach in Karon.
  • Skylight 2 Sport’s Bar on Patak Road in East Karon has live music and sport, and they also have a quality pool table.

Nightclubs Near to Kata Beach

Kata is close enough to the nightclub hotspot of Patong to make going there a viable option, but there are also other options closer to home such as:

4U Nightclub

4U Nightclub opened in 2012, and it is popular with the local Thais as well as foreign visitors. This discotheque plays all different types of modern dance music.

Karma Lounge

Karma Lounge is one of the trendiest night clubs on the island, and it is located in nearby Karon. They offer music and live entertainment well into the night. They have two floors to choose from, and the best night to go here would be Friday.

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