Nightlife Near Rawai Beach

Rawai Offers the Perfect Balance

It is fair to say that Rawai is a bit more sedate than some other parts of Phuket, but this is not to say that there is nothing going on. In fact many visitors claim that this area has the perfect balance between a laid back atmosphere, and having things to do. Some people like to base themselves in Rawai but go to places like Patong when they want to party. There is no real need for them to do this as there are some good nightlife options available locally.


Restaurants near Rawai Beach

Some of the best restaurants in Rawai include:

  • Nikita’s is a beautiful restaurant where customers can enjoy their meal right on the beach. The serve a good mix of western and Thai food – their pizzas are legendary.
  • If people are looking for something a bit fancy then they might want to try Friendship Beach Restaurant and Bar. Customers enjoy fine food in beautiful surroundings overlooking a private beach.
  • Moby Dick’s is just up the hill from Rawai Beach towards the cape. This place is famous for its all you can eat barbecue on Sundays – it starts at 4pm and only costs 100 THB (at the time of this writing).
  • Sala Loi is another beachside restaurant in Rawai. This is a good choice for those who enjoy seafood.
  • Those who love western food might want to try Mando’s Steak House on Viset Road. It also offers pasta dishes and plenty of other options.
  • There is a French Restaurant called La Cabane near Chalong circle to the north of Rawai Beach. The food is high quality but is surprisingly reasonably priced.
  • Those who are looking for inexpensive Thai food might want to choose Nong Pim Restaurant on Rawai Beach.
  • Promthep Cape Restaurant offers some of the best views on the island – it is not far from Rawai beach around the cape. Customers can enjoy Thai, western, or even Chinese food.

Bars near Rawai Beach

There are some fantastic bar options near Rawai beach including:

  • The Sunshine Bar in Rawai is the place to go for those who enjoy a crowd – this is the most popular place locally. It usually attracts a nice crowd and it is even possible to be entertained with some impromptu cabaret.
  • The __ Coconut Bar__ can be found near the beach. It has a European ambiance to the place, and it also serves food.
  • The Candy Bar is a quiet place with a pool table. It opens until late.
  • The Freedom Bar is on the beach near Nikita’s. Many of the local expats congregate here in the evenings, and they are usually welcoming of any newcomers.
  • Moonlight Bar is about halfway down the beach road in Rawai. This is another place with a pool table and welcoming hostesses.

Nightclubs near Rawai Beach

Nightclubs are a bit thin on the ground near Rawai, and if people want to party hard they would be better off traveling to Patong. For those who are just looking for a place that opens to the early hours they might consider:

  • The Laguna Bar can be found between Rawai beach and Chalong circle. When all the other bars are closing this place is only heating up.
  • The Honey lounge on Sai Yuan Rd opens until 2am.
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