Off the Beaten Track in Phuket

Something Different in Phuket

Phuket is a hugely popular tourist destination. Many of the resources on the island are devoted to keeping visitors entertained – it can feel like the whole island is geared around tourism. There is never an excuse to be bored on in Phuket but sometimes visitors will get the urge to do something a bit different. They want to get off the beaten track and experience things that are not part of the usual tourist itinerary. The good news is that despite its popularity there are still plenty of hidden gyms on the island.

Ao Sane Beach

Those people who want to get away from the popular beaches in Phuket may be interested in visiting Ao Sane Beach. This is situated to the north of Nai Harn Beach near the Le Meridian Phuket Yacht Club. The beaches are small but rarely crowded. This is a great option for those who wish to do a bit of snorkeling. It is not such a good option for swimmers because there are too many rocks.

Sing Cape Cove

This is another quite beach that can be found north of Kamala and just before Surin Beach. Those who intend to visit here should bring along a camera because it is a highly picturesque area. There are a few amenities here including a couple of restaurants, beach chairs, showers and jet-ski rental. Those who need to use the local parking area will need to pay a small fee.

Panwa Cape

The best time to go to Panwa Cape is in the late afternoon. It is claimed that this is the ideal location on the island for those who want to enjoy the sunset. There is a Muslim village nearby and the beach here is one of the best kept secrets in Phuket. Prawa Cape is situated just 8 kilometers south of Patong. Phuket Underwater World is situated nearby.

Paradise Beach

Just trying to find Paradise Beach can be an adventure in itself. This secluded location can be found in the headland south of Patong. Those who are intending to travel here by their own transport should be prepared for unpaved roads. They are also likely to need to ask for directions because there are a number of turns that are not clearly marked. The easiest way to get to Paradise Beach is to walk from Patong Beach by following the path that goes through the rocky outcrop.

Phuket Cable Ski

If people are looking for something different to do they might like to try out Phuket Cable Ski in Kathu. This is one of the few places in Thailand where visitors can enjoy this increasingly popular water sport. The skiing takes place on an artificial lake and it involves being pulled around by cables. Those who have never tried cable skiing before will be given full instructions. It is possible to rent all the equipment needed at the club. They charge 500 THB for thirty minutes cable skiing or 2,190 THB for the full day. There is also a restaurant on the premises so people can relax after their exertions.

Sarisin Bridge

Sarisn Bridge is 600 meters long, and it connects Phuket Island with the mainland. This has become a popular destination for locals who like to fish, but it can also be a good choice for people who fancy an interesting walk in the evening or early morning.

Off the Beaten Track Near Phuket

If people are prepared to travel to places near Phuket Island they will find a great deal more that could be classified as off the beaten track including:

  • The Similan Islands are not only one of the top diving areas in the world, but they also have plenty to offer land lovers too. There are nine islands but Koh Similan (island number 8) is the most popular for visitors.
  • Ko Tachai is considered part of the Similan Island National Park, but it is not one of the Similan islands. The beach on Ko Tachai is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world.
  • Koh Rok is nearer to Koh Lanta than Phuket, but it is certainly worth the visit. There facilities here are minimal and those who want to stay will need to camp.
  • Coral Island is just ten minutes away from Chalong Bay by speedboat. This is a particularly good destination if people are interested in snorkeling.
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