Old Phuket Town Festival 2012

Festival Time in Old Phuket Town

The 13th Old Phuket Town Festival will be taking place this year between the 28th and 30th of January. This is one of the highlights of the year on the island and there is plenty of entertainment provided during this three day event. As well as being a way of honoring this most unique Thai town it is also a chance to celebrate Chinese culture. This is now the very beginning of the year of the dragon, and the Old Phuket Town Festival will be a suitable way to mark the start of the Chinese New Year.

Celebration of Old Phuket Town

Anyone who has taken the time to walk around old Phuket town will notice that it is not like other parts of Thailand. There is a definite European feel to the place. A lot of this Sino-Portuguese architecture originated to the beginning of the twentieth century when European mining companies were invited to establish themselves in the area. There is also likely to have been foreign influence before this time as Europeans have been regularly visiting this area since the sixteenth century. It is the abundance of this type of architecture that gives old Phuket town such a unique feel.

There is also something special about the atmosphere in this part of Phuket – a sense there is a direct link with the past. This can be particularly noticeable during the time of the festival when there are so many reminders of how life was lived in this town in days gone by. Anyone attending these festivities is almost certainly going to find that they have an increased appreciation for this part of the island.

Old Phuket Town Festival 2012

The 13th Old Phuket Town festival promises to be a memorable event and a great opportunity for people to socialize and be entertained. The centre of the activity will be Dragon Park and Thalang Road. There will also be some stalls on Phang Nga Road. The immediate area will be closed off to traffic so that visitors can more easily enjoy what is on offer. It may be difficult to find parking near the event so it may be better to arrive by taxi or public transport.

The festivities will open with a parade taken place from Khanit Hongyok Road to Thalang Road on the 28th of January. The festival is in full swing between 3pm and midnight on each of the three days. On the final day there will be a candlelight procession followed by a ceremony to pay respect to Chinese gods. This procession will commence at approximately 10:30 pm on the 30th.

What to Expect at the Old Phuket Town Festival

Visitors to the Old Phuket Town Festival can expect:

  • Street performances involving lots of different styles of entertainment
  • Food stalls providing local dishes as well as Chinese food
  • Chinese opera performances
  • Light shows
  • Exhibitions about life in Old Phuket
  • Rickshaw tours around the local area
  • Live music
  • Family orientated activities

There is also usually a lot going on in the local bars for those people who really want to make a night of it.

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