Phuket Beach Vendors

Relaxing on a Phuket with the Help of Beach Vendors

Sometimes visitors to Phuket just want to relax on the beach and not do much else. For many tourists they work hard enough during the rest of year, and this is where they get to switch off from all responsibilities. Even just walking to a nearby shop or restaurant can feel like an unwelcome chore. Those individuals who are reluctant to leave their hammock or beach towel will probably view the beach vendors as providing a vital service. It means that they can remain fed and watered without hardly moving a muscle. The selection of goods available from these vendors could even do away with the need to go to the shops at all throughout the holiday.

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Things to Buy from Beach Vendors

The beach vendors in Phuket are industrious, and they are willing to sell almost anything if they believe there will be a market for it. The type of items that beach vendors sell includes:

  • Soft drinks
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Fried chicken, pork, or beef.
  • Sun cream
  • Coconuts
  • Ice cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Thai dishes – particularly fish items
  • Bathing clothing and beach clothes
  • Silk items
  • Inflatable boats for children
  • Body surf boards
  • Every type of fruit
  • Hats
  • Postcards
  • Pirated goods such as DVDs
  • Books – new and secondhand
  • Cigarettes
  • Nuts
  • Watches
  • Different types of jewelry.
  • Towels
  • Thai lottery tickets

As well as the merchandise for sale there are also services available such as:

  • Fake tattoos
  • Thai massage
  • Fortune tellers
  • Agents for different tours

Beach Vendors as an Annoyance

Some people find that the almost constant parade of beach vendors becomes a nuisance after a few hours. The popular beaches, such as Patong, can attract an excessive amount of these mobile sellers, and having to say not interested every minute does interfere with the ability to fully relax and enjoy the sun. To make matters worse the same beach vendors will keep on returning in the hope of a change of heart. Some tourists end up getting annoyed by the constant disturbance, and that is no good.

There have been attempts to limit the number of vendors on Phuket beaches, but such action has met with protest. If there is money to be made then these vendors feel they have a right to make it. It is unlikely that the beach vendors are going anywhere so this means that the best option, for those tourists who don’t like to be disturbed, is to choose one of the less popular beaches.

Tips for dealing with Beach Vendors in Phuket

When dealing with beach vendors in Phuket it is best to:

  • It is always best to haggle with beach vendors in order to get the best price – it can also be fun. These sellers will have the price they would like to get for the item, and the minimum amount that they are prepared to take.
  • The food that these vendors sell is usually safe to eat. Reports of food poisoning appear to be rare.
  • People should be aware that they are going to end up paying at least a bit more than they would if they went to the shop. These vendors are there to make a living and the extra charge that people pay is for the convenience of not having to go to the shop.
  • Just because people stop the vendor to look at their goods there is no obligation to buy.
  • Most beach vendors are honest, but it is always best to count any change that has been given back. There can also be honest mistakes where vendors accidently overcharge.
  • If people are not interested in what the vendor has to sell it is best to simply say politely and firmly no. If people fall into conversation with the vendor they are creating the impression that they are interested in buying something.
  • It is not a good idea to get angry with the vendors. They are only trying to make a living and behaving aggressively in Thailand usually leads foreigners into trouble.
  • If people hope to avoid these vendors altogether it will be best for them to go to one of the less popular beaches. There are a number of beaches that would be considered off the beaten track in Phuket.
  • If people want to be ignored by the vendors it is best to avoid any type of eye contact with them. One way of doing this is by reading a book or just pretending to be asleep.
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