Tennis Courts in Phuket

Visitors to Phuket will be able to find some excellent opportunities to play tennis during their stay. Most of the big resorts will have their own outdoor courts, and there are also indoor options for people who want to escape from the heat. The island has tennis courts that are of an international standard, and there are many professional coaches who have made Phuket their home. This means that holidaymakers or long term visitors will have come to the right place if they want to take up this sport or just learn some tips that will help them improve their game. Tennis in Phuket provides people with the opportunity to keep fit, socialize, and compete at a professional or amateur level.

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Where to Learn Tennis in Phuket

Thanyapura Tennis Academy

Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club offers world class tennis instruction under the direction of Coach Roger Cochrane. This venue offers a number of different tennis programs to suit all levels of experience. Those individuals who have been playing for less than a year can join one of the beginner’s programs, and there are also intermediate and advanced courses available as well. There are a number of different teaching sessions available at the club including:

  • Clinics are designed to help people develop their skills through exercises and drills. The client gets to choose a theme for the session – this is the part of their game that they want to work on.
  • Ladder sessions use competition to encourage the individual to improve their game. Over a period of 3 months the individual will play weekly to move up or down in the rankings (the ladder) – if people end up in the top three places they will receive a prize.
  • Skills and drills is a workshop where players get to work on challenges that will allow them to improve their game.
  • Round Robin is another class that combines competition with learning. The coach keeps an eye on the players and provides them with useful tips throughout the game.

Thanyapura Tennis Academy is located on Thepkasattri Road in Thalang.

Phuket Sports and Tennis Club

Phuket Sports and Tennis Club is located on Soi Suksan 2 which is off Viset Road – this is 1.5km away from Chalong Circle heading towards Rawai. They provide lessons from an experienced coach (Gabor Hegyi) who has reached level 5 in the Lawn Tennis Association – this means that he is qualified to teach more advanced players as well as beginners. The club offers instrustion at a reasonable rate, and they can be contacted at for the most current information on pricing. This club is also happy to provide instruction to kids as well. They can provide coaching from 08:00 until 20:00.

Nash Tennis Academy

Nash Tennis Academy is based at JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Spa which is located in Mai Khao to the north of Phuket. Nash Ladha is a US and Canadian certified tennis professional, and he has been providing instruction in Thailand for over 20 years. There are many courses to choose from, and these are suitable for all agee groups and levels of experience. Further details can be obtained by contacting the academy by email at

Tennis Plus

Tennis Plus offers a professional tennis coaching service that can be a good option for people of all levels. They provide instruction via the Sheraton Hotel and Bangkok Christian International School (BCIS) Phuket. The head coach is Mr Lorenzo Marcuzzi, and he has over 15 years experience as an instructor. This school uses cutting edge training methods to help people reach their full potential as tennis players. The programs they offer include:

  • Adult Beginner’s clinic is a one hour class that teaches people basic skills as well as court etiquette, tennis strategy, and the rules of the game.
  • Adult Advanced Clinic is a two hour class that trains people to become ready for competitive games.
  • Pro Team Lessons involves 10 hours of instruction per week.
  • Specialty Clinic is where the class focus on one particular aspect of the game – this lesson lasts for one hour.
  • Junior Plus Clinic is a 4 hour class where participants get to learn the basics.
  • Junior Grand Plus Master Clinic provides advanced instruction and it lasts for 8 hours over the course of two days.
  • Private Lessons are available.

The pricing for lessons is competitive. It is possible to pick up junior lessons for 3,500 THB per month based on two lessons per week (as of early 2013).

British International School, Phuket

The British International School is able to offer tennis lessons for kids. This instruction is provided by their professional coach, Lorenzo, who has experience teaching many professionals how to improve their game. These lessons provide a great opportunity for young people to improve their coordination, balance, creativity, and concentration – they will also have plenty of fun and may get to play in serious competitions.

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Best Tennis Courts in Phuket

There are many tennis courts in Phuket to choose from, and they can be found in many resorts as well as in public locations. Some of the best courts on the island would include:

Banyan Tree Tennis Club

The Banyan Tree Resort is located in Talang offer flexi pave or soft court surfaces – all their courts are floodlit so people can play late into the evening. This venue is able to provide a hitting partner if this is requested beforehand.

Phuket Sports and Tennis Club

Phuket Sports and Tennis Club (see above) offer an international standard Plexi Pave Hard-court over asphalt substrate. This court is surrounded by trees on one side, so there is plenty of shade. There are floodlights available for night games, and the club is able to rent out equipment.

RPM Health Club

RPM Health Club offers social tennis every Wednesday evening between 18:30 and 20:00. This is free for club members, and they are allowed to bring along guests. RBM provide professional outdoor tennis courts with flood lights. This health club is located on Thepkasattri Road – close to Phuket Town.

Thanyapura Tennis Campus

Thanyapura (see above) offers the best indoor tennis courts on the island. They use the plexicushion system on their courts, and this is the same surface that is used in the Australian Open. Plexicushion is said to be better for players because it puts much less strain on their legs and ankles – it also means that they become less fatigued from playing. The four courts are covered by a special type of glass that allows in light but does not cause the room the area to heat up. This facility is also used for competitive competition, and there are 600 seats for spectators of these events.

Other places of note that offer exceptional tennis courts would include:

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