Phuket Trail Running May 6, 2012

Thailand Trail Running Championship May 6, 2012 in Phuket

Trail running usually involves moving through different types of terrain – it is a cross between hiking and traditional running. These are often routes that would be inaccessible by car and can include running through jungle, up and down hills, and along narrow hiking paths. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of people around the world taking up this sport – 4.8 million in the US alone. It is far more challenging than normal road running because the participant needs to be able to navigate many different types of obstacle. It can also require a higher degree of physical fitness than other forms of running, but it is gentler on the joints and bones in the body. As an added challenge there are many individuals who prefer to run trails where wearing a backpack. As well as being popular in other parts of the world there is a growing appetite for trail running in Thailand.


Reasons Why Trail Running Has Become So Popular

There are some good reasons why people might want to give trail running a go including:

  • It means running through areas of great natural beauty. Those who engage in this sport claim that it makes them feel closer to nature.
  • It is less damaging to the body than road running. This is because there is less impact due to the surface usually being softer than tarmac.
  • Many of those people who needed to give up running because of knee problems find that they are capable of taking up trail running without such problems.
  • Trail running is arguably more of a challenge and therefore more fun than just running along the road.
  • It is an exciting activity.
  • It leads to higher levels of fitness than traditional running, and it will usually burn more calories.

Trail Running Comes to Phuket

On May the 6th 2012 the second leg of this year’s Columbia Trail Masters will take place in Phuket. The first leg of this event took place in Khao Mai Kheow Forest near Pattaya. There were 450 participants in three separate events; 21km half marathon, 10km trail run, and 3km fun run. The third leg of the Columbia Trail Masters is due to take place on Koh Samui in September.

The Phuket leg of the event will begin at 7:15 am at Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club which is located to the north of the island. There will be 2 events that people can enter including:

  • 21.5 km off road half marathon
  • 10 km trail run
  • 3 km run/walk

Tickets for the Phuket Columbia Trail Run

Those who wish to enter the Phuket Columbia Trail Run can purchase tickets from the AMA website. It is also possible to enter the race in person at Phuket Outlet Mall Columbia Store or directly from Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Center. Those who live in Bangkok can buy tickets from the Rama IX branch of Robinson’s Central Huai Khwang – 2nd floor. The cost of tickets for this event is:

  • The 21.5 km half marathon costs 750 THB before 4th May and 1,000 THB on the 5th May
  • The 10 km trail run costs 600 THB before the 4th May and 800 THB on the 5th of May.
  • The 3 km fun run costs 100 THB for anyone aged over 14 years of age.

All finishing participants will be awarded a souvenir medal and a free lunch. Those who complete the 21.5 km half marathon or 10 km trail run will be awarded a surprise gift and a t-shirt to commemorate the event. The winner of the men’s half marathon will be given 5,000 THB prize money while the women’s winner will be given 4,000 THB. The winner of the 10 km men’s trail run will be given 3,500 THB, and the women’s winner will get 2,500 THB. There are also smaller prizes for the rest of the top 10 finishers in both races.

Phuket Trail Run is Open to All

The Phuket leg of the Columbia Trail Run is open to almost everyone. In an attempt to attract more children to the sport it is possible for those aged under 14 years of age to enter 2km fun run for free – those youngsters who do not have the energy to run will be welcome to walk the event. The organizers of the event are also encouraging mums and dads to run along with their children – although they will have to pay for the privilege. It is hoped that by introducing kids to this sport at an early age it will help them foster an appreciation for healthy pursuits.

Stay Safe While Trail Running in Phuket

There can be dangers associated with trail running. Those people who are thinking of entering the Phuket leg of the Columbia Trail Run should put safety first and this means:

  • Only entering the more challenging races if they feel physically fit enough. Those who have never tried such an event previously might be best to avoid the half marathon.
  • Dehydration can be a risk so people need to make sure that they drink plenty of water throughout the race. It is also necessary that people have adequate protection against the sun.
  • There will be a small crew of medical personal at the race on the day – including an ambulance.
  • The most important thing with trail running is to be aware all the time of potential dangers – including obstacles, wildlife, and other competitors.
  • If a participant notices that one of their fellow competitors is in trouble they should offer help.
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