Things to Do Near Kamala Beach

Kamala (กมลา) Beach is a great choice for visitors who are looking for a peaceful tropical beach that has reasonably good amenities nearby. This fishing village area was once considered to be a hidden gem that only tourists in the know got to enjoy, but in recent year it has become more popular. One of the nice things about this part of the island is that it is close enough to the main tourist areas like Patong (just 11km away) for when people want something a bit more intense and lively. Kamala is arguably at its best during the daytime, but there are plenty of things to do here after dark as well.

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Things to Do on Kamala Beach and in the Water

Kamala Beach is a fairly laid back part of the world, but there are some interesting things to do on the beach (or in the water) such as:

  • Kamala is the perfect place to go swimming for most of the year because the water is so calm and inviting. During the Monsoon Season, from May to October, things can get a bit rougher and at times it will be best to avoid the sea completely.
  • There is a coral reef to the north of the beach so snorkeling is possible here.
  • There are a number of dive shops in the local area, and it is possible to arrange diving trips or lessons. Merlin Divers is one option for this.
  • It is possible to hire a boat from the beach, or some resorts, and go kayaking. It is also possible to arrange a trip in a larger boat.
  • There are usually Thai masseuses on the beach, and they can provide a message for a reasonable price. People are advised to be careful if doing this because if they become too relaxed they might fall asleep in the sun and get badly burnt.

Places to Eat Near Kamala Beach

There are some good restaurants in this area including:

  • Plum Sky Bar and Lounge is one of the most romantic restaurants in the whole of Phuket. They serve authentic Mediterranean food, and they are located inside Cape Sienna Resort.
  • Diavolo Restaurant offers panoramic views of the ocean along with delicious Italian food. This restaurant is part of the Paresa Resort.
  • Silk Restaurant and Bar belongs to Andreas Resorts and Villas, and they serve the best in Thai cuisine. This venue is very stylish and customers can look forward to a high class dining experience.
  • Salt and Pepper is a Scandinavian eatery, that is located right beside the beach. As well as serving Swedish dishes, they also have Thai food, pizzas, and steaks.
  • H.C. Anderson Family Restaurant is to be found on Rim Had road near to Kamala Beach. Their menu includes Scandinavian, Thai, and international dishes – their most popular item is Smorebrod which is a type of open sandwich.
  • Rock Fish Restaurant is one of the most popular eateries in Kamala and deservedly so. This restaurant has 3 floors, and it is possible to eat indoors or outdoors. They provide an extensive menu that includes dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is a cultural theme park that provides visitors with a great opportunity to learn more about Thailand while being entertained at the same time. This 140 acre park is packed with interesting things to see, but the highlight of it all is the Las Vegas type extravaganza that demonstrates the culture of Thailand using dance, acrobatics, magical tricks, ballet, acting, and pyrotechnics. There is also plenty of other entertainment provided to suit adults and children, and there is even a shopping street inside the complex. Visitors can round the evening off by dining in one of their beautiful restaurants where they can eat some real Thai food. Phuket Fantasea is located near to the beach in Kamala. The doors of this amusement park opens at 17:30 in the evening, and the entertainment goes on till near midnight. It costs 1,900 THB including a buffet dinner for adults and 1,700 THB for children (prices correct as of early 2013).

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Bars Near Kamala Beach

There are a few bars in Kamala to choose from including:

  • Aussie Pub is located inland from the beach on the main drag. They have pool tables here, and they also show live sports on Friday evenings they have an event called sausage sizzle where they give customers a free sausage (as of early 2013).
  • Crazy Bar is located on the main road in Kamala. This is a lively place that is similar to the beer bars found in places like Patong.
  • Kamala Sports Club can be found just off the main Kamala Road. This venue shows live sports on the TV, and they have events here every night of the week – including things like bingo, pool competitions, and BBQs.
  • Elvis Rock and Roll Bar is a friendly place where the emphasis is on good music and fun times – they play a good selection of tunes and not just Elvis tracks. This bar is located near to the traffic lights on the main road.

Fitness Activities Near Kamala Beach

There are some good options for fitness activities around the area including:

  • Kamala Beach is a perfect for those individuals who enjoy walking or running. The best time to do this would be in the early morning or evening.
  • If people wish to learn Muay Thai there are a number of gyms within easy reach of Kamala – the closest of these being located in Patong.
  • There are a number of fitness gyms to choose from locally. Kamala Gym welcomes people of all levels of fitness, and it only costs 200 THB per day or 800 THB per month (as of early 2013).
  • The nearest golf course would be at Loch Palm.
  • It is possible to hire a bicycle or go on a bike tour.

Shopping Near Kamala Beach

There are some fairly good shopping options for people staying in Kamala including:

  • There is a market every Friday at the plot of land just across the road from Phuket Fantasea. This began as a small talad nat (typical Thai market), but it has grown over the years due to being so popular and attracting many tourists.
  • Kamala Beach Plaza on Beach Road has a small supermarket and lots of souvenirs and gift shops.
  • There is a Big C Supercenter on the main road, and this is the best option for cheap groceries.
  • Kamala Walkway is a small market on the main road.
  • There are usually plenty of vendors patrolling the beach in Kamala, and they will have a good selection of snacks and gifts. The vendors here are not as aggressive, when it comes to selling things, as the vendors on the busier beaches.
  • The nearest large department store is located in Patong.

Thai Cooking Lessons Near to Kamala Beach

The nearest Thai cooking schools to Kamala would include:

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