Walking in Phuket

Going for a Walk in Phuket

The tropical heat in Phuket often means that people don’t feel like doing anything too energetic. Going for a walk doesn’t have to be too strenuous, but it does offer the opportunity to exercise. The local Thais don’t tend to be huge fans of walking, but it can be an enjoyable activity for visitors to the island. It is fair to say that the road in Phuket have not really been built with walkers in mind so extra care needs to be taking.

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10 Reasons to go walking in Phuket

Phuket has some nice rewards for those who enjoy travelling by foot. Here are just 10 good reasons for why people might like to go walking in Phuket:

  • When people travel by foot they get a different appreciation of their environment. It means that they can get a different view on the natural beauty of the island.
  • When people are out walking they will usually get to see parts of Phuket that they otherwise would have missed. This is why it is always a good idea to take a camera along on such adventures.
  • Most tourists will want to go back home with a nice tan, but they find it difficult to lie on a beach all day. Walking around is an excellent way to pick up a bit of color – it will look more natural too.
  • Visitors to Phuket will tend to overindulge in food and alcohol. Walking can help keep them healthy, and it will help to burn off excess calories.
  • Those individuals who are not used to sitting around all the time can start to go a bit stir crazy on a holiday if they don’t get out and exercise
  • When people are out walking they are likely to see a different side of Thai life – especially if their stroll takes them away from the normal tourist drag.
  • It usually offers a good opportunity to bump into Thai people and fall into conversation. Even those who can only speak a few words of Thai will be able to exchange a few pleasantries.
  • It is possible to join a walking tour and mix exercise with socializing and education. There are a couple of cultural and architectural walking tours available – a walk around Phuket’s Old Town is highly recommended.
  • Going for a walk in the evenings will help ensure that people sleep soundly at night. A stroll along the beach is particularly good for this.
  • It is nice to go for a walk following a meal because it aids digestion.

Where to Go Walking in Phuket

There are many options for walkers in Phuket including:

  • A walk around Phuket’s Old Town is one of the highlights of any trip to the island. Here visitors can get to see European architecture that dates back hundreds of years.
  • There is a nice 4km walk in Cherng Talay near Laguna. As part of this trip visitors might also enjoy a visit to the beautiful Cherng Talay temple.
  • A walk along Kamala Beach in the evenings is highly recommended – the beach is 2kms long which is perfect for a nice stroll.
  • Those who enjoy window shopping might like to walk around Patong. The roads here can be busy, and the pavements do get crowded – first thing in the morning is best.
  • Karon beach can be busy during the day, but it is nice to walk along here in the evenings – it offers 3km of sand.

Stay Safe When Walking in Phuket

There are some dangers associated with walking in Phuket, but these can be avoided if people:

  • It is not recommended that people go on long walks during the middle of the day. It is best to leave such activities to the early morning and evening.
  • People need to put on adequate sun protection before spending time outdoors in Phuket. Even when it is cloudy outside it is still possible to get burnt by the tropical sun.
  • It is important that people take some fluids with them when they go out for a walk. This is so that they avoid the dangers of dehydration.
  • There are some roads in Phuket that are just not suitable for walking. People need to be always on the lookout for potholes and other obstacles in their path.
  • There are a minority of dogs in Phuket that will act aggressively. It is best to avoid packs of dogs completely.
  • The traffic on the island can be a bit of a nightmare and some drivers do not seem to pay much attention to the rules of the road. Those who are out walking need to make sure that they stay alert for passing vehicles – in particular motorbikes.
  • It is easy to get lost when just rambling around. It is a good idea to take a phone and money for a tuk tuk.
  • Many of the sidewalks in Phuket City are full of vendors so people are forced to walk on the road. It is advisable that people stay as close to the sidewalk as they can.
  • It is a good idea to always check the weather before going out for a walk.
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