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The internet is a great resource for people who looking for information about Phuket. There are many websites that are created by people who live on the island long term and so are in a good position to offer information and insights. New websites appear all the time but some of the best are as follows:

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Jamie’s Phuket Blog

Jamie’s Phuket Blog is a good resource for information about the island from someone who lives there. This website has been up and running since 2006, and it now contains an impressive number of articles and other recourses. All the important attractions in Phuket have been covered, and this blog is regularly updated with the lasts information. There is always plenty of personality in these posts – it is the fact that Jamie gives his own opinions and views that makes this website so valuable.

Know Phuket

Know Phuket offers independent advice and information about the island. There are an impressive number of topics covered, and the information is generally reliable and useful. There is also a news section on the website that highlights the biggest stories in Thailand for that day.

Phuket 101 Blog

The Phuket 101 Blog is as much about photographs as it is about the written text. The website is maintained by Willy and Faa. New posts are added regularly, and they never seem to run out of interesting things to say about Phuket. There are reviews of restaurants, locations, and attractions, and all of these reviews come with professional looking photos.

Phuket Weather Blog

Phuket weather blog offers regular updates (unfortunately not daily) on the weather situation on the island. There are also some handy links to webcams so that people can see what is happening with the weather for themselves. This website is owned by Jamie from Jamie’s Phuket Blog.

Phuket 91.5 FM

Internet radio gives people the opportunity to listen to stations from anywhere in the world. Those individuals who wish to stay connected to Phuket can tune into Phuket 91.5 FM. This radio station offers a good mix of local news, weather, and music. There are also some podcasts available from the website so that people can have something to listen to even when they have no internet connection.

Google Street View Maps

Google Street View Maps are a particularly useful online resource. Instead of trying to puzzle out the meaning of lines on a traditional map this new innovation by Google provides a 360 degree panoramic image. It is like actually visiting Phuket without ever getting on an airplane. These maps are not only superb for planning trips, but they are also a nice remedy for nostalgia when people return home after their trip to the island.

TAT Phuket

This website by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) offers in depth information for the whole of the country. The TAT Phuket pages is comprehensive with information on:

  • Attractions
  • Special offers
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Food and drink
  • Activities
  • Events and Festival

Owners of an iPad or Android devices can download all the information from the website in a handy app.

Phuket Gazette

The Phuket Gazette provides free access to much of the content that is found in the printed newspaper. It also offers the largest classified market for Thailand, and it is possible to place an ad there for free. This online newspaper allows people to stay on top of Phuket news no matter where they are in the world. There are also plenty of useful articles for those who plan to visit Phuket or stay there long term.

Phuket News

Phuket News is another English newspaper on the island that also offers free content online. There is also a classified section and information about venues and events in Phuket. They also have their own radio station Live 89.5.

Thai Visa Forum – Phuket

The Thai Visa Forum is the largest online community of people sharing information about Thailand. There is a Thai Visa Phuket Section which can be an invaluable resource for those looking for information about the island.

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