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New Ways to Explore Phuket

Most visitors agree that Thailand is a beautifully exotic place with plenty of interesting things to see and do. Up until the last century most of the country was jungle and much of this was hardly touched by humans. If people could go back and see how Phuket was then they would struggle to recognize the place. In recent years there has been a great deal of development across Thailand, but there is still plenty for the nature lover to enjoy. It is now even possible to visit locations that were previously closed to tourist such as jungle canopies. One way of doing this was by using zip lines. Visitors to Phuket have two options for where they can enjoy this type of adventure – Flying Hanuman and Phuket Cable Jungle Adventure.


How Zip Lines Work

A zip line is fun mode of getting around that involves using cables and pulleys. The first ever zip lines are believed to have originated in Costa Rica where they were used for moving supplies over difficult terrain. In recent years they have become increasingly popular as a form of adventure and entertainment. They can also be use to help people access remote areas and even travel to the canopy of the jungle.

The person’s movement is assisted by gravity so they can get from A to B quickly and with minimal effort. The individual wears a harness and is attached to the cable by a pulley. Along the way the person will stop at stations where they can catch their breath and admire the view. It is usual for these zip lines to be combined with other modes of exploring the jungle such as sky bridges and spiral staircases. This type of adventure is relatively safe and it is something that all the family can enjoy.

Other Names for Zip Line

Zip line can be known by a number of different names including:

  • Aerial runway
  • Flying fox
  • Zip wire
  • Aerial rope slide
  • Death slide
  • Tyrolean traverse
  • Foe fie slide

Zip Lines and Eco Tourism

Zip line adventures are promoted as a type of eco tourism. This means that it gives people the opportunity to visit some pristine and fragile environments without causing any harm to that environment. The creators of these zip line adventures understand the importance of protecting the area where they are bringing tourists because their livelihood depends on this. This is why the new owners of the Phuket Flying Hanuman zip line saw the importance of promoting the fact that:

We did not cut a single tree when building this attraction making sure the courses has minimal impact on the existing environment.

Eco tourism is becoming increasingly important to tourists because they not only want to explore exotic locations, but they also want to be sure that these locations will still be there for future generations to enjoy. There are now many companies in Phuket that promote eco tourist options.

Where to Enjoy Zip Line in Phuket

As of 2012, there are two zip line companies in Phuket.

Phuket Cable Jungle Adventure

Phuket Cable Jungle Adventure is located at Thalang near Ton Sai Waterfall. This adventure takes people into the forest canopy and involves a 1,200 meter trip with 15 stations along the way. Some of this adventure will take place at 30 meters above ground. Along their route the individual will get to enjoy ancient trees and tropical canopy. The Cable Jungle Adventure is open every day from 09:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00. It costs 1,600 THB to go on the tour, and this includes refreshments.

Phuket Flying Hanuman

The Phuket Flying Hanuman is the newest zip line adventure to arrive on the island. It is located off Wichitsongkram Road in Katu – right beside Katu waterfall. This adventure takes place within 20 acres of tropical forest. It includes 28 platforms and two sky bridges, high speed zip lines, dual zip lines (honeymoon swing), spiral staircases, and sky rail. All these tours are led by qualified guides who put the safety of visitors as their priority. There are a number of different adventures available including:

  • The full adventure with a free meal costs 3,490 THB.
  • The full adventure without a meal (but with fruit) costs 3,250 THB.
  • It is also possible to go on a shorter adventure involving 16 platforms for 2,300 THB.

Visitors to the Flying Hanuman can also take a break to visit the onsite restaurant.

Zip lines and Safety Issues

These zip line adventures are generally considered to be safe so long as the right equipment is used and that this equipment is well maintained. A reputable company will have plenty of guides on hand to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Those who are taking part in these adventures are required to wear a hard hat and follow all instructions exactly. If people are planning to go on a zip line adventure in Phuket it is recommended that they take precautions to protect themselves from the sun – it is possible to get sunburned even from below the jungle canopy. It is also vital that people stay adequately hydrated.

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